Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

The Inspiration

We’re constantly inspired by our surroundings, the soil under our feet and our deep love for beautiful objects that can be worn. It starts with a spark, a thought, noticing an unusual curve, an image, a colour, a ‘what if?’ – and our process unfolds in beautiful and unexpected ways from there on.

The Vision (Laying The Foundation)

We turn that inspiration into a vision that begins to take shape by sketching, which comes alive through 3D design.

The Wax (Building the Superstructure)

Through 3D printing, a beautiful wax model emerges, which our craftsmen cover with a special material (a bit like plaster!) before placing it into a kiln. Having patiently waited, we’re left with the void of the desired shape of the jewellery piece.

Let it Flow!

We pour liquid gold into the shape before some good old-fashioned sanding and polishing. Our beautiful piece is now ready for diamonds and stones.

The Final Check

All is left is ensuring that each piece passes a thorough inspection before packing it and shipping it (We use DHL Express for International orders as they’re tracked and insured)!

Finding Its Home

This is where you come in. By receiving your very own Jade House jewelry, you’re not just giving our cherished pieces a home but allow them to give you one in return. A home that’s on the move, a home that you can wear.

Beyond Ethically Sourced

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